J.A.Fales is a Southern California resident and the author of  Primrose & The Wolf: A Huxley Sisters Paranormal Romance.

The Huxleys are five immortal witchy sisters—Primrose, Bluebell, Clover, Iris, and Hyacinth—all doomed to bad luck in love thanks to an ancient family curse. Translation: Life’s lemons are hurled at them through bazookas, but they stick together, support each other, and never give up. Each book promises its own unique, sexy adventure filled with love, laughter, a little mythology, and a happy ending for a Huxley girl.

J.A. (Jennifer) enjoys travel and people watching, and she considers herself a foodie and a wine enthusiast. Her books are available in electronic format and paperback on Amazon, various online retailers, and at select bookstores—ask your local book vendor about her. Her twitter handle is @JenniferFalesCA and the web address for her personal blog is http://perhapslucidity.com.

For inquiries, feel free to either email her at authorjfales@gmail.com or leave a comment on the page below.


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